sodaCAD is an open source pattern making CAD suite, with capabilities similar to Optitex, Tukatech, or Gerber’s Accumark.

sodaCAD will support many advanced features such as pattern making, grading, and markers. The user interface will be user friendly for technical designers and pattern makers in the apparel and sewn product industries. sodaCAD is developed in a community-oriented, open environment. Users and developers are invited to contribute.

Mission Statement

To create an open source, enterprise level CAD software solution for sewn products that is platform independent and able to integrate easily into the production of apparel and other goods.

Released under the GNU/GPL license meaning the software is free and will always be free. Variants and forks must be released under this same license. Code borrowed from other open source projects will be properly documented and attributed.

The software will eventually be platform independent meaning it will work in Windows, Mac and Linux. The software is being developed in a Linux environment. Initially, it will only be available for Linux. The software is being developed in C++ and QT.


sodaCAD is intended to be a free, open source replacement for expensive commercial packages such as Gerber’s Accumark, Optitex, Tukatech, and similar. These CAD projects are specifically designed for apparel designers, pattern makers, and graders and are utilized in the development of sewn products. The intent is to create an easy to use environment for the creation of 2-D patterns which are graded and ready to be used in a cutting room.


  1. To create a free and open source apparel CAD Solution.
  2. Be platform independent.
  3. File formats in native, SVG (scalable vector graphics), DXF and DWG.
  4. Allow plug-ins or add-on modules for customization.