Q: I am software developer or coder and I would like to join the project?

A: Awesome! We would love to have you. Developers and coders are welcome to contribute. Developers need to submit samples of their work and/or 2 patches directly to the admins for review. Code will be reviewed prior to being merged with the main branch. Commit access will depend on quality of the code submitted, adherence to accepted coding style, and a decision by the main developers.

Developers need to have some experience in C++ and QT. Beginners and advanced coders are both welcome. Developers and interested individuals are encouraged to join the mailing list to find out the latest information on the project.

Q. Is there any other way to contribute?

A: Yes! sodaCAD is in need of testers, translators, and documentation writers. If you are interested in this, just let us know.

Other helpful information:

Coding Style


  1. I would like to contribute as a tester. I have 10 years of CAD experience, and I work as both an architect and a fashion designer, running my own studio... I'm mostly familiar with AutoCAD, DraftSight and Optitex (I disliked Lectra, and I found the LibreCAD a bit frustrating)...

  2. Prebuild installers (especially Windows installer) are recommended if you want to attract a larger group of non-technical people to try and spread the software.
    With sufficient documentations, students and educators, for example, may become a group of potential audience that pick up the software very quickly and spread to the professional industry rapidly.