Q: Why was the project named sodaCAD rather than something more fashion related?

A: Naming the project was extraordinarily difficult. Many fashion related terms combined with the acronym CAD are already in use with many commercial projects that are similar. This includes many fashion related terms used alone. “Soda” may refer to a geographic location and/or may be an acronym such as “sew open design alliance”. In any event, it is a catchy name that is hard to forget. By avoiding the use of a fashion related name, the project can gain a wider audience with sewn product makers of all kinds.

Q: Why is the made-to-measure (MTM) module such a low priority?

A: MTM’s provide a quick and easy way to create a pattern, BUT they are notoriously inaccurate and require much modification to be useful. An MTM can not replace the skills of an experienced pattern maker. CAD software should be considered at the same level as traditional drafting tools like a pencil and paper rather than a replacement for a pattern maker. At this point, a MTM has the lowest priority and will only be made if there is a motivated developer.

Q: How is this project different from Valentina?

Valentina is an open source pattern making software project currently under development. sodaCAD and Valentina have taken very different approaches to the philosophy of what the software should do. Valentina heavily relies on the idea of using standard or user generated measurement charts both for drafting and grading of pattern pieces. The idea is that the user inputs measurements and the software auto generates or auto drafts the pattern pieces. This approach creates difficulties in having a clear understanding of measurement vocabulary and the method used to provide measurement data, especially when used by an international audience. In addition, pattern makers in the apparel industry do not work this way.

SodaCAD is not focused on body measurements or obtaining superior fit. Instead sodaCAD hopes to provide a superior intuitive CAD system where the user has the freedom to create patterns using any desired method with optimized drafting tools. In this way, sodaCAD is not encumbered by any one drafting or measurement philosophy. The drawing experience should be as simple as picking up a pencil and ruler to draw a line on a piece of paper yet with all the advantages of a streamlined workflow.